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DIY Halloween Face Painting: Zombie Kid

Charlotte Verrecas, author of Funny Faces: A Big Book of Face Painting, shares instructions for her Zombie Kid face paint design, which makes a great boys Halloween costume idea.


Zombie Face Paint Halloween

1. Take the sponge and wet it a little bit. Whiten the face of your model with the sponge. This time it doesn’t have to be even: the face needs to be pale, not completely white.

2. Make bags under the eyes by mixing red and blue on the sponge and rubbing it under the eyes. Rub the edges of the paint to soften then and paint a red line under the eyes with the pointed brush.

Zombie Face Paint Halloween

3. Use the pointed brush again to draw a line from the corners of the mouth. The line should be thick in the beginning and get thinner. Draw red drops coming out of the mouth. Draw thin vertical stripes around the mouth so it looks like it’s been sewn together.

Zombie Face Paint Halloween

4. Using the pointed brush draw a few blood vessels bursting from the red eyes. Make them big, small, long, short. Make a slanting scar on the forehead using the pointed brush, sometimes thicker and sometimes thinner. Finish it all off with vertical black stripes and drops of red make-up blood.


For more fun, inventive face painting ideas for Halloween or any occasion, purchase Charlotte Verrecas' Funny Faces: A Big Book of Face Painting on Amazon.

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