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A-Game Sports Expands Travel Softball Program

A-Game Sports Expands Travel Softball Program

The new teams are currently holding tryouts on an individual basis.

A-Game Sports, located in New Rochelle, is welcoming several travel softball teams that previously played for another organization to the Westchester Heat softball tournament program this summer. They will also be adding a woman's field hockey team. 

There are several age divisions including 16 and younger, 14 and younger, and 12 and younger teams, with plans to add 23 and younger and 10 and younger teams as well. The team is holding tryouts on an individual basis. 

The women's field hockey team will likely serve ages 10 and younger to 18 and younger.

“Field hockey, we’ve found, is a unique sport in terms of interest There seems to be a very loyal following in various community pockets,” says Darin Feldman, co-owner of A-Game Sports. “If we’re able to put together a field hockey travel program then we should be able to attract a lot of interest because there’s really not a lot of other options for field hockey players in the area.”

Energia, a local fitness and nutrition business, partnered with A-Game in late March to provide fitness classes to parents of A-Game athletes. While children in the Little Athletes classes (ages 6 months to 5 years) are at practice, parents can engage in strength and conditioning exercises led by Energia.

“This gives us an opportunity to offer the parents something to do while they’re waiting for their child to finish their program, and it means they have a chance to get in shape themselves,” says Kevin Plein, co-owner of A-Game Sports. Parents can expect 1-on-1 and small group sessions that focus on body weight exercises, resistance bands, and agility drills.

More information about A-Game Sports, including tryouts for the softball team, the upcoming field hockey team, and the Energia fitness classes can be found on the A-Game Sports website.

Image courtesy A-Game Sports