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Connecting Children with Their Grandparents

Connecting Children with Their Grandparents

We have more communication tools than ever before, yet it seems as difficult as ever to stay in touch with the people who matter most. A new startup based in Brooklyn, NY, aims to give families a new and better way.

Families live far apart nowadays. According to the AARP, 80% of grandparents live more than 50 miles away from a grandchild. Surveys show grandparents see their grandchildren in person just 3-4 times a year on average.

The difficulty of arranging meetings is compounded by the fact that most families are busy. Between work, school, and extracurricular activities, finding time to connect can be a challenge. The burden often falls on the parents to facilitate a conversation. As one parent put it, “It takes 6 texts before we can have 1 FaceTime.” As a result, families tend to talk only once every few weeks.

This creates a pressured environment that discourages meaningful interactions; instead, the end result can feel like everyone is doing each other a favor.

A startup called Mado has an answer. As founder Rem Reynolds explains, “I wanted my kids and parents to have a closer relationship, despite the 700 miles that separate our homes. We tried what was available, but couldn’t find anything that worked for us. We wanted something simple for my parents, easy on my schedule, and helpful for my kids. When we couldn’t find a solution for my family, we decided to build one.”

Mado enables families to connect easily and regularly without ongoing effort from parents. It helps kids stay focused on family members, not on screen time. Users can enjoy rich, interactive experiences that keep everyone engaged. Reynolds notes, “We want to help families get together. So far in testing, we’ve seen our families connect 12 times more than they had before, and they have reported higher levels of satisfaction over previous services.”

The company is now looking to expand the number of families testing the product. NY Metro Parents have been granted exclusive access to be among the first to sign up and try it out. To get started, each household will need an Android device (an iOS version is due in 2018).

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 Mado Labs is a startup located at 117 8th Brooklyn, NY 11215. For more information visit

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