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A Tree Will Be Planted for Every Tree Obstacle Course Scaled at Adventure Park This Weekend

A Tree Will Be Planted for Every Tree Obstacle Course Scaled at Adventure Park This Weekend

The annual “Arbor Day Weekend Climber Count Off” will raise $1.00 for every tree someone climbs–and for every dollar raised, the Arbor Foundation will plant a new tree.

The Adventure Park at the Discovery Museum in Fairfield will be hosting its 2019 Arbor Day Weekend Climber Count Off from April 26-28. For each tree a child or adult climbs, Adventure Park will donate $1 to the Arbor Foundation, which will plant a tree to celebrate the holiday. Adventure Park sums up their initiative with the saying, “You climb a tree, we’ll plant a tree.” Since 2015, The Adventure Park at the Discovery Museum, along with the other Adventure Parks operated by the Outdoor Venture Group, have donated $13,917 to the Arbor Day Foundation–which means 13,912 trees have been planted.

Adventure Park is a challenging, thrilling complex of aerial trails composed on cable, wood, rope, and 200 platforms imbedded in the treetops. Climbers can choose a trail based on their experience and comfort level, and there’s a trail suitable for everyone–kid, teens, adults and groups, beginner climbers to experts. Ziplining is the most popular and arguably most fun way to get between platforms, and to keep climbers safe, Adventure Park double locks its safety harnesses. 

The park is a self-guided experience, but families can hire guides to help find the way through the maze of trees. Guides can be a great way to help little kids overcome their fears, but the park also recognizes that working through obstacles such as fear and anxiety on your own are part of what makes climbing such an incredible experience.

You do not need special tickets to participate in the Arbor Day Weekend Climber Count Off. Tickets to climb this weekend (or any time) at The Adventure Park can be reserved online at www.DiscoveryTrees.org. For further information email Info@DiscoveryTrees.org or call 203-690-1717.

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