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6 Accessible Halloween Costume Lines for Kids with Special Needs

6 Accessible Halloween Costume Lines for Kids with Special Needs

These costumes will make the holiday inclusive and fun for everyone!

Between sensory overstimulation while trick-or-treating to costumes that just don’t work, Halloween can feel more trick than treat for kids with special needs. And there’s nothing more worrisome for parents than wondering whether their child is having fun on a holiday. However, by shopping one of these accessible costume lines, you can make Halloween a little easier on everyone. These costumes transform wheelchairs into fantastic props, allow access for feeding tubes and other equipment, and feature tagless, comfortable materials.

1. Target

Target’s Adaptive Costume Collection features two costumes that are adaptable and accessible for kids in wheelchairs–and look amazing! Kids can be a pirate, complete with a ship, or a princess in a beautiful carriage. Each costume allows for easy entry, and the ship and carriage both cover the child’s wheelchair, completely transforming the chair into an awesome part of the costume. Order your accessible costume on Target’s site.

2. The Magic Wheelchair

This nonprofit designs and creates Halloween costumes for kids in wheelchairs at no cost to families. The costumes are epic: kids and their chairs have been transformed into characters in scenes from Batman, My Little Pony, and Harry Potter, and still more kids have been transformed into character of their own creation. To apply for a Magic Wheelchair costume, visit the organization’s site.

3. Spirit Halloween

Spirit Halloween offers several accessible Halloween costumes for kids who would love to be princesses, ice cream truck drivers, and more. These costumes completely transform wheelchairs and other accessories, and are often three-dimensional! These costumes are more expensive than your typical Halloween garb, but they ship for free. Head to Spirit’s site to check out their accessible options.

4. Etsy

The online marketplace is a haven for anyone looking to find unique, beautiful, and accessible costumes. Explore the site to find beautiful costumes from sellers, DIY inspiration, costume accessories, and more.

5. Hyde and EEK! Boutique

This Target boutique offers more accessible costumes besides the wheelchair-suitable pirate or princess garb–you can also find costumes for kids with different kinds of accessories. The unicorn costume, for example, features flat, non-irritating seams, removable ears and horns for kids who might be sensitive, and hidden abdominal access that can accommodate a feeding tube.

6. Rolling Buddies

Rolling Buddies’ costumes, which can be found on Amazon, are sheets on durable but light plastic that can be placed over wheelchair wheels to disguise the chair. Rolling Buddies provides the biggest variety of wheelchair-friendly costumes: kids can have Alice in Wonderland characters, Santa’s sled, trains, planes, and pumpkin carriages, police cars, pirate ships, and more as the base of their costumes. Outfits not included. Head to Amazon to check out the Rolling Buddies lineup.

Main Image: The pirate costume turns a wheelchair into a pirate ship! Courtesy of Target, via Red Tricycle. 




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