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Advantage Camps Introduces Advantage STEAM and Reading Program

Advantage Camps Introduces Advantage STEAM and Reading Program

The new academic enrichment courses will complement sports components.

The STEAM and Reading Program at Advantage Camps in Midtown will debut July 8 and run through Aug.  20. Classes will be held Monday-Friday from 9am-12pm for a duration of six weeks this summer. Students will learn new academic concepts including mode building, real-life math problems, applying engineering to everyday life, exploring design, and thinking creatively and critically.

Children will develop their reading skills through reading about tennis and related themes. Basic tutoring will be offer as well. The program is designed with 6- to 9-year-olds so all readings will be brief and age-appropriate.

The offerings are flexible in that parents can opt for full- or half-day experiences. Children can attend the STEAM and Reading Program in the morning and enjoy physical activities in the afternoon like swimming and training. Additionally, parents can choose a single week or multiple weeks depending on their schedules.

“Parents want to see their kids advance, but they also want to see them have fun. So we’re trying to kill two birds with one stone there,” says Bob Ingersoll, director of Advantage Camps.

Advantage Camps has two Manhattan locations including 281 Main St., Roosevelt Island and 450 W. 43rd St., Midtown. For information about the East Side/Roosevelt Island location, call 212-935-0250 or email [email protected]. For more information about the West Side location, call 646-884-9649 or email [email protected]. To register for camp visit the Advantage Camps website.