On The Blogroll: After Words

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Blogging from: Fairfield County, CT

For so many of us, it can be really difficult to talk to others about personal matters, but Jacquie puts on a brave face and writes candidly on her blog After Words about her earlier battle against infertility and the challenges of being a mother of two and trying to get back into the job market. Jacquie began blogging in 2004 when she was living in Park Slope, Brooklyn and struggling to start a family. You can read all about her experiences on her previous blog, BrooklynGirl.

Despite the many difficulties she encountered, Jacquie was eventually able to have children, and her family grew to include a son, referred to in the blog as ‘The Boy,’ born August 2005, and a daughter, referred to in the blog as ‘The Girl,’ born June 2007. Jacquie and her husband in time decided that their Brooklyn apartment was too small for the family, and her husband’s commute was too long, so they moved to Fairfield County, CT.

Since Jacquie recognized that she was no longer a BrooklynGirl, she began After Words, the blog that, as she explains, “is still taking shape AFTER all those WORDS about infertility. Mostly I kvetch about parenting and suburban life, both of which I continue to struggle with.”

The most compelling feature of After Words is Jacquie’s openness and honesty about getting pregnant and ultimately finding employment again. She even writes about some of the painful fertility procedures she had to undergo, and she includes pictures of her ultrasounds.

Stil, After Words covers so much more. Jacquie breaks down her posts into different categories such as “City Mourning,” “School Daze,” “Suburban Sortie,”  and “You Be The Parent” just to name a few. Many of her posts include relevant and interesting poems, which can be fun to read in conjunction with the topic of the post.

Overall, Jacquie’s musings are funny, touching, and painfully truthful at times. Whether you are a parent yearning for the big city, trying to keep up in an affluent suburb, or you're watching your children go through tough times, etc., After Words is a really useful tool for any parent going through the same struggles and asking the same questions that Jacquie does. Melanie Shapiro