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Allied Physicians Group Offers at-Home 'Telehealth' System

Allied Physicians Group Offers at-Home 'Telehealth' System

TytoHome allows you to examine your child and send the results to a pediatrician for review.

Allied Physicians Group, a partnership of doctors in the greater New York area, is offering a new “telehealth” system that gives parents the convenience of a comprehensive medical exam for their children without leaving home.

Allied launched the system called Powered by TytoCare on November 17. It is a kit that includes an app that is downloaded onto a smartphone or tablet and a hand-held examination tool that parents use to collect images and readings to send to a pediatrician for review. The physician then provides a diagnosis after reviewing the files or gives one during a real-time video session.

Anyone can benefit from using the at-home service, but it is especially useful in situations where leaving the house to go to the doctor or emergency room isn't an option, such as during inclement weather, according to Ric Santiago, Chief Information Officer at Allied.

“That's the value that it brings. The parent doesn't have to take the child out in cold weather and the patient can still be seen by a doctor and get a comprehensive exam,” said Santiago. “It also helps parents because often they'll have to bring the child into the doctor's office, perhaps take half a day off. It makes things a lot more feasible for the parents.”

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Some common childhood conditions that can be diagnosed using TytoHome are sore throats and ear infections. There is no waiting time to connect with a doctor, and care is available any time of the day, according to Santiago.

“Telemedicine was one opportunity we thought we could use to expand our services to our patients and provide them the care that they need, when they need it,” Santiago said.

The system is owned by TytoCare, a company that specializes in telehealth services. It is offered locally at Pediatric Health Associates in Plainview, N.Y., and Peconic Pediatrics in both Riverhead and Southold, N.Y. On-call doctors are from both facilities, so they will always have access to the patient's records.

Telehealth sessions are covered by a number of insurers, and the system can be purchased online. According to Santiago, Allied is working with insurance carriers on ways to provide reimbursement to doctors for telehealth services.

TytoHome is part of Allied Physicians Group's telehealth program. Its mission is to provide quality care without walls to enhance the lives of patients and parents.

Image: Ric Santiago, Chief Information Offer at Allied Physicians Group

Courtesy: Arielle Alon