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The American Museum of Natural History Announces New Interactive T. Rex Exhibit

The American Museum of Natural History Announces New Interactive T. Rex Exhibit

The T. rex is not new to the Museum of Natural History, but will soon be getting some extra attention.

The American Museum of Natural History is slated to open a new exhibit, T. rex: The Ultimate Predator on Monday, March 11. The exhibit will be open for a members-only preview on Friday, March 8. The Upper West Side exhibit will bring the latest research and discoveries about tyrannosaurs, with emphasis on the T. rex, to the world famous NYC museum.

Learn the answer to various T. rex related questions including how they grow so quickly in adolesence, what kind of super sensory skills and traits they have, and how the T. rex evolved from the small creatures they were in their early species. Explore life-size reconstructions of tyrannosaurs, real fossils and casts, video projections, and more at the museums newest tribute to most famous member of the tyrannosaur family.

Visitors will come face to face with a true-to-size model of a T. rex complete with patches of feathers—which scientists now know were likely present on all non-avian dinosaurs—as well as reconstructions of a fluffy T. rex hatchling and a juvenile T. rex.

The exhibit will contain a handful of interactive components, with installments includng a "roar mixer" for visitors to imagine what a T. rex may have sounded like, a magnetic wall where visitors can place tyrannosaur family members in their respective time periods, and data from fossil specimens, CT scans, and microscope images for visitors to study and explore. 

The Museum will also present 'V. rex,' its first interactive, multi-player virtual reality experience, in collaboration with HTC VIVE. Visitors can team up to build a T. rex skeleton, bone by bone, and then witness it come to life.

Main image courtesy AMNH/ R. Mickens.

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