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Andersons Larchmont Opens a Community Room for Neighborhood Events

Andersons Larchmont Opens a Community Room for Neighborhood Events

Andersons Larchmont, a book and gift store in Larchmont,  recently opened a new community room designed to encourage camaraderie among neighborhood residents. The room, which celebrated its opening with a Halloween party for the community on Oct. 26, 2018 will feature events ranging from open-mic nights to story time hours for children.

“We feel that it's very important to show our appreciation to our customers and the community for supporting us,” says Paulene Greeman, who co-owns the store with her husband Tim. “We want this space to be available to people of all ages. We want it to feel like a second home to them.”

Along with Story Time with Miss Jenny, they offer multiple weekend activities for kids, such as Stories in Motion with Miss Paulene, Sing-A-Longs, and Dads & Donuts. Open Tabletop Game Time is also free and will give children ages 8 and up the opportunity to play a variety of games available at the store. 

Greeman plans to hold a variety of other free events in the new 10 x 20-square-foot space, including open-mic nights for all ages as well as charity events to benefit important causes. A week-long mini camp session is planned for the school break from April 15-19. 

Andersons Larchmont sells a variety of books and unique gifs for children and adults. The store also carries children's toys that encourage and foster a child's creativity and imagination, according to Greeman. These include sticker books, tea sets, toys for infants, art supplies, and more.

“Kids are often too plugged in, so we want them to interact more and find the joy in socializing again. There's nothing like playing with other children,” says Greeman about both the toys she carries and the community room.

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