Archbishop Molloy High School Welcomes New Admissions Team

Archbishop Molloy High School Welcomes New Admissions Team

Archbishop Molloy High School, a private Catholic school in Briarwood, has restructured their admissions team for the upcoming school year. With the addition of Edwidge Turenne, Heather Green-Wresch, and Jonathan DiDonato in September, the school aims to give each applicant more individualized attention in order to maintain Molloy’s high standards. 

You can separate a Molloy kid from a kid who goes to another high school just because of who they are, not only just their credentials in terms of getting into Molloy, but spiritually, mentally, these kids are terrific,” says Jonathan DiDonato, admissions coordinator at Archbishop Molloy High School. “If we can keep up that trend, that’s sort of the goal we have.”

Each new member of the admissions team brings something unique to the table. DiDonato, who graduated from Molloy in '01, has a background in media, communications, and customer service, making him an excellent contact point. Turenne, who graduated in '98, has served as the assistant director of Financial Aid at The New School and worked closely with operations at the Bursar/Cashiering Office at Columbia University. Green-Wresch has been the swim coach at Molloy for 17 years, was the admissions director at a nursery school in Rockaway, and has a daughter who is a current student. DiDonato and Turenne are both alumnae, and all three have a passion for the school and it’s continual betterment.

Those interested in attending should be aware of the rigorous standards.

“To get into Molloy [applicants] need to score in the top 35% of the TACHS exam or the CHSEE. We look for 90’s and high 80’s in every course in sixth, seventh, and eighth grade,” DiDonato says. “The last thing is we look for high grades in state standardized tests and/or Terra Novas.”

Archibshop Molloy High School is located at 8353 Manton St, Briarwood. For more information on the school you can call 718-441-2100 or visit the Archbishop Molloy High School website. For admissions  specifically, you can email [email protected] or give them a call between 8am-3:30pm.

Image: Archbishop Molloy's new Admissions Team (from left) Jonathan DiDonato, Edwidge Turenne, and Heather Green-Wresch.

Courtesy Archbishop Molloy High School