On The Blogroll: Dan Zevin, The Minivan Diaries

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Blogging from: Westchester, NY

Perhaps you’ve heard of Westchester’s funniest dad, Dan Zevin, or maybe you’ve even seen him driving around in his minivan with flame detailing on the rear doors. Zevin’s latest books, "Dan Gets a Minivan: Life at the Intersection of Dude and Dad" and "The Day I Turned Uncool," have both been optioned by Adam Sandler’s Happy Madison Productions, and his previous books have earned him much critical acclaim. He has also been a comic commentator for NPR, a humor columnist for The New York Times, and a contributor to print and digital publications including Rolling Stone and The New Yorker. You can even find him on “Star Vehicle,” a YouTube talk show he hosts inside his minivan. Lucky for us, he also writes a hilarious blog, The Minivan Diaries.

In The Minivan Diaries, Zevin, a devoted husband and father of two who moved his family from Brooklyn to Westchester, confronts the major issues affecting dads today in a series of humorous posts. His blog consists of a mixture of tips, advice for new suburbanites, anecdotes, thoughts, excerpts from his books, and just plain funny posts. To give you a taste of his not exactly helpful, but still entertaining tips, take a look at his directions on sneezing properly: “Revising prior recommendations to sneeze into the crook of the forearm rather than the hand, the American Medical Association now requires all sneezing to be conducted within one’s shirt or blouse collar, which must be pulled up over the chin, lips, nose, eyes, forehead, and scalp prior to releasing a sneeze or series of sneezes…”

A recurring theme in The Minivan Diaries is the interfaith couple and its effect on children. Zevin’s musings on his son and daughter, as the children of a Jewish dad and a Christian mom, are particularly comical. Take, for example, the time his daughter didn’t understand why it was not a good idea to wear her “Mrs. Santa” T-shirt to preschool at the synagogue, or the time when Zevin forgot that the family Christmas tree was strapped to the top of the minivan and hit an emergency fire sprinkler in the Westchester mall’s parking ramp, or the time the kids tried rugelach cookies and spat them out after one bite.

Zevin’s posts will definitely make you laugh out loud (and if you don’t believe it, read for yourself!) and you might even find some actually helpful gems of advice within all of his entertaining reflections. Melanie Shapiro