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New Well-Fitness Boutique Helps Empower Women

Benay Rubin made her 17-year long dream a reality when she opened the doors to SHE3 Well-Fitness Boutique in Fairfield. Rubin empowers women to make a healthy lifestyle change through physical fitness and clean, holistic eating habits.
 SHE3 ribbon cutting ceremonyThe ribbon-cutting ceremony of SHE3 Well-Fitness Boutique
took place on Sept. 8.

Benay Rubin, founder and owner of SHE3 Well-Fitness Boutique, turned her 17 year-long vision into reality on Sept. 8 when she opened her fitness studio–wellness center. Inspired by her teenage daughter, who told her that the time is now and she should “go for it,” Rubin asked herself what she wanted to offer clients. She came up with “Strength, Health, and Empowerment,” making up the “SHE” in the business name, which represents her passion for assisting women of all ages. The 3 came in when she realized she wanted to help empower women to become multi-dimensional with their new self-confidence.

Rubin explains that the objective is to make a healthy lifestyle change through physical fitness and clean, holistic eating habits. “Losing weight is the added bonus. You should do this because you are going to feel so much healthier, younger, stronger, and more energized. That’s the goal,” Rubin says. At SHE3, the result is an inside-out effect. “Finding balance is the thing that leaves us satisfied, and that balance is a combination of eating healthy and feeling healthy,” she says.

Rubin’s boutique is different than most fitness centers because it offers health coaching, cleanse programs, and empowerment workshops. SHE3 also offers barre fitness courses for the beginner to advanced level; HE3 for men; prenatal care for expecting mothers; SHE3 Express for women on the go; and coed teenage programs for sixth- to 12th-graders. Rubin also offers a monthly “Band and Barre” class—a night of aerobics and fun set to a live band—for coed college students.


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