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Berkshire Farms Launches New Foster Care Programs

Berkshire Farms Launches New Foster Care Programs

129-year-old non-profit child welfare agency, Berkshire Farm Center & Services for Youth, revamps its foster care program.

Berkshire Farm Center and Services for Youth in White Plains now offers new Foster Parent Training services. The program ran from June 12 through July 14 and was a combination of a MAPP and Team Approach program. During “MAPP” training, parents learned the “common core” of foster parent training. During the “Deciding Together” training, parents completed workbooks at home, and worked in small group class settings. On Long Island “How To Register for Summer Camp” training was also added.

In honor of Pride Month this June, Berkshire Farms has honed in on shaping their programs to cater to the LGBTQ community.

“We attended the Loft Pride event in White Plains on June 2 to celebrate pride month,” says Alison Novohradksy, program oordinator for Putnam & Westchester Counties. “We want to show appreciation for LGBTQ members for being a part of our community and for being foster parents”. 

Berkshire Farms works to make healthy and strong children and families. In order to do so, they are constantly improving and updating when need is expressed and as county-state regulations are implemented and adapted.

For 129 years, Berkshire Farms has been upholding their mission statement, to give children and families a safe, independent, and productive foster home experience, according to Jennifer Rowland, program coordinator at Berkshire Farms White Plains. Berkshire offers monthly training sessions in order to educate foster parents of all the different needs children might have and to to offer parents ongoing supportive services. Berkshire’s motto is,  “if you have love and patience, plus an extra bedroom, becoming a foster parent may be for you,” according to Rowland.

Image: Berkshire offers monthly training sessions to educate foster parents of all of the different needs of children.

Courtesy Berkshire Farms