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Beth Shalom v'Emeth Reform Temple Introduces Membership Passover Workshop

Beth Shalom v'Emeth Reform Temple Introduces Membership Passover Workshop

This March, Beth Shalom v'Emeth Reform Temple in Brooklyn is introducing new workshops on how to feel empowered to lead your Passover celebration, or Seder. The classes will focus on what is important about the ceremony, how one can shorten it if need be, ways to tailor your practice to your family’s needs, and how to keep young children engaged throughout the celebration. Additional topics include how to include causes that are near and dear to your family in your Seder as well. 

It’s a time where we talk about going from slavery to freedom and metaphorically that can apply to all kinds of things,” says Rabbi Heidi Hoover of Beth Shalom v’Emeth Reform Temple.

The workshops are intended for adults and emotionally mature teens. Sessions are open to people of all faiths and varying engagements with the celebration of Passover.

“It’s for people who either grew up attending a Seder and now the people who led that Seder aren’t around anymore so if they want to have one they have to make it themselves and they’re not sure what to do,” Rabbi Hoover says. “Or it’s for people whose experience of Seder was boring and they want something different that will be engaging, and it’s for people who don’t have very much familiarity with Passover, but want to celebrate.”

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Classes will be held from 6:30-8pm on Tuesday, March 19, March 26, and April 2. Each workshop will be held at Brooklyn Public Library, Cortelyou Branch at 1305 Cortelyou Road.

It’s not mandatory to attend all three sessions since they function as stand-alone workshops as well. Pre-registration is required. For more information, visit the Beth Shalom v' Emeth Reform Temple website, email info@bshert.org, or call 718-282-1596.