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The Big Bounce America Tour Is Bringing 20,000 Feet of Inflatable Fun to Brooklyn

The Big Bounce America Tour Is Bringing 20,000 Feet of Inflatable Fun to Brooklyn

If your kids love bounce houses, they’ll have the time of their lives this summer in The Big Bounce America’s three different inflatable experiences in Brooklyn, including the world’s largest bounce house.

Backyard bounce houses are fun, but they can’t compare to the world’s largest bounce house! Luckily for you and your kids, the Guinness-certified record holding bounce house is coming to Brooklyn, thanks to The Big Bounce America’s summer tour. Three distinct inflatable experiences mean you’ll be able to bounce all the way through select weekends in July and August. The Big Bounce America first bounced across the country in 2017, and the company brings 20,000 square feet of inflatable fun to each city it stops in.

The first section your little ones can enjoy is the world’s biggest bounce house. This definitely isn’t your standard inflatable–the house includes ball pits, climbing towers, dancing and competitions, and a live DJ located on the main stage in the middle of the bounce house. You are required to take off your shoes and children younger than 4 must be accompanied by an adult.

Next in the entertainment lineup is The Giant, a 900-foot inflatable obstacle course with 50 different challenges kids can jump on, slide down and race through all day. And if your kid is fascinated by outer space, she will love the third bouncing experience, airSPACE. The inflatable exploration is full of aliens, planets, moon craters and even a giant maze for your little space wanderer to traverse.

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Parents and kids can jump together during the day in family sessions, and ages 16 and older can jump at night to experience all the inflatable attractions without kids around. Everyone who wants to bounce must choose between two types of tickets: a three-hour, full-access experience with a timed session in the bounce house, or a bounce-house-only ticket.

Full-access tickets are $16 for kids younger than 3, $24 for kids 15 and younger, and $28 for kids 16 and older. Bounce-house-only tickets are $19 for kids 7 and younger, 15 and younger, and kids 15 and younger who would like a sensory-sensitive bounce session. Parents and caretakers are included in ticket prices.

The Big Bounce America will bring all of its inflatable attractions to the Aviator Sports and Events Center in Marine Park on July 26-28 and Aug. 2-4.

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