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Book Nook Enrichment Program to Open Tribeca Location

Book Nook Enrichment Program to Open Tribeca Location

Book Nook Enrichment Program is focused on reading, handwriting, and skill building for children ages 6 months to 7 years.

Book Nook Enrichment Program
, located on the Upper West Side, will be opening a location in Tribeca in early spring. It is currently accepting enrollment for summer and fall programs.

In addition to focusing on reading, handwriting, and skill building for children ages 6 months to 7 years through classes, Book Nook also offers story time, workshops for parents, and a book club for school-aged children. 

Rina P. Collins founded Book Nook Enrichment Program five years ago on the Upper West Side after spending years in both public and private education. She created Book Nook’s literacy program after realizing through her experience that literacy education, coupled with enriched skill building, helps children reach their fullest potential as they enter their school years through instilling them with self-confidence.

“The unknown is scary. We’re bridging the gap between each grade…so children can build their confidence before going into the next level,” Collins says.

book nook enrichment program

Book Nook’s locations are designed to look like tree houses.

Book Nook’s locations are designed to look like cozy, inviting tree houses. The names of the learning levels are owl-themed. Classes will soon be offered for Baby Hoots, ages 6-17 months. Currently class offerings begin as early as 18 months for Lil’ Hoots up to age 7 for Wise Owls.

The curriculum utilizes puppetry, music, and a hands-on approach to reading. Programs operate on a gradual separation system, so that parents can stay with their children, wait in the cozy living room area, or run out for quick errands. 


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Main image: Book Nook Enrichment Program’s two locations in Manhattan are designed to look like tree houses.
Courtesy Book Nook Enrichment Program

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