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Upper West Side Literacy Program, Book Nook, Adds More Classes

Upper West Side Literacy Program, Book Nook, Adds More Classes

Book Nook on the Upper West Side started a new program for kindergarteners and first graders, called Wise Owls.

Founder, Rina Patel, opened Book Nook on 81st Street in 2012 after noticing the literacy gap between grades. Patel has a teaching background and certifications in teaching literacy and early childhood education. She used her experience and skill set to create a reading and writing curriculum to fit each age group from 18 months through first grade.

“We opened up a new classroom for [Wise Owls] with groups of two students or one on one,” Patel says.

Wise Owls runs for 60 minutes and all others for 90 minutes, with one or two instructors per class. Parents must wait during the classes, but Patel has a room called the living room set up for parents with books to read while they wait.

“The environment [of Book Nook} is more like a preschool, but looks like a home,” Patel said of the space.

Book Nook’s programs run from September through June with classes held from 9am-5pm. Patel breaks the classes down into five age groups: Lil Hoots, Kiddie Hoots, Pre Hoots, Kinder Hoots, and Wise Owls.

In addition to the school year program, Book Nook also has a summer camp with a thematic style. For example, last year’s theme was Around New York, and the previous year’s was Around the World.

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