Bounce! Trampoline Sports Offers Sensory Bounce Time

Bounce! Trampoline Sports in Valley Cottage, an indoor trampoline park, now offers Sensory Bounce, trampoline time tailored to children with special needs.

girl bouncing at Bounce! Trampoline Sports

Bounce! Trampoline Sports’ Sensory Bounce allows children with special needs to jump in a sensory-safe environment.

On Nov. 10, Bounce! Trampoline Sports, a fitness center that combines workouts, sports, and training with interconnected trampolines that cover not only the floors but also the walls, partnered with Miriam Skydell and Associates, LLC from Fairlawn, NJ, to offer Sensory Bounce, a therapeutic program for children with special needs.

Sensory Bounce is suitable for children ages 4-13 with special needs including autism, low muscle tone, sensory processing dysfunction, and gross motor and balance difficulties. The program is designed to provide a 1-to-2 staff-to-child ratio and is conducted by a professional occupational therapist. Due to small class sizes, programs are tailored to meet participants’ individual goals and needs. During program sessions, parents are also invited to join an on-site support group mediated by a social worker.

“Kids on the spectrum or [who] have a lot of sensory needs need that movement as a part of their therapy program, and that’s what Sensory Bounce can provide for them,” says Miriam Skydell, occupational therapist and program leader. “This program is a great way to give back to the parents. The support group is there for parents to meet each other, talk, and serve the parents’ needs.”

Sensory Bounce run on Mondays in six week cycles and operates two sessions, one from 5-6pm and the second from 6-7pm. Since the program is conducted by a professional occupational therapist, Skydell says Sensory Bounce can be filed as a therapy service to insurance companies and reimbursement for the program is optional.