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Boundless Adventures Aerial Obstacle Course Park to Open in Purchase

Boundless Adventures Aerial Obstacle Course Park to Open in Purchase

The treetop park will get kids outside and active.

Boundless Adventures, an outdoor treetop park in Purchase, is scheduled to open to the public on Saturday, March 31.

Children ages 7 and older and adults, with the help of trained experts, will be able to unleash their inner Tarzan on a variety of nine different obstacle courses featuring safe climbing equipment.

The outdoor treetop adventure park’s courses—which are open rain or shine—range from beginner to advanced levels and will consist of 12-14 elements per course including walking across wobbly bridges, swinging on zip lines, and climbing up ladders.

“[We’re] trying to create an aspirational brand where people build their self-esteem through this activity,” says owner Lorrie Funtleyder. “Kids are always on their phones, and it’s a way to get families to interact and enjoy things together.”

As for the types of obstacle courses, there are four different levels: Exploration is highly recommended for young children and beginners; Motivation is for those who are ready to be brave and turn things up a notch; Strength allows climbers to put their strength and agility to the test; and Conqueror is recommended for expert climbers and athletes.

“[The Conqueror Course] is like Ninja Warrior,” Funtleyder says, of the expert-level course.

While the official ribbon-cutting ceremony is not scheduled until April 6, Funtleyder says she decided to open the treetop park one week earlier for those on spring break.

Main Image: Lorrie Funtleyder, owner of Boundless Adventures, says the park will get kids off their phones and social media, and get them outside and active.

Courtesy Boundless Adventures

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