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Mother Receives a Flood of Support Following Her Request of Primrose Markers Donations for Her Son with Autism

Mother Receives a Flood of Support Following Her Request of Primrose Markers Donations for Her Son with Autism

A boy with autism and his family have received an outpour of support, following a Facebook post the mother made about a Crayola marker.

Stacey Haley lives in Bowmanville, Ontario in Canada, and is the mother of Will Haley, 12, who has autism. Haley wrote a Facebook post on November 25, asking if her friends could donate a Crayola marker in the color Primrose for her son.

“If you know our Will, you know how life is dictated his OCD fixations on things that make us go broke and insane from hearing about it 24/7,” Haley wrote in the post. “He uses [the Primrose marker] all the time. But they inevitably run out. So we buy another whole pack—just for Primrose.”

She said that if people donated their Primrose markers to Will, she would give them two other marker colors in return. The post was shared more than 1,000 times and hundreds of people messaged Haley, saying that they will send their markers and greeted her son with kind words. Crayola Canada also contacted Haley and said they will donate more markers to Will. 

“What started as a little ask for my son has turned into a movement of supportive communities who have gone out of their way to make a difference in the life of our family,” Haley wrote in the Facebook post. “This is seriously one of the kindest Christmas gifts ever.”

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Main image: Stacey Haley was buying dozens of marker packs for her son, just for the Primose color (left).


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