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Brilliant Minds Daycare and Learning Center to Open in New City

Brilliant Minds Daycare and Learning Center to Open in New City

The day care aims to prepare children for the school setting.

Brilliant Minds Daycare and Learning Center, a Common Core-focused child care center in New City, is scheduled to host its grand opening in March. Children ages 6 weeks to 5 years will be taught using a curriculum that is approved by NYC teachers and administrators, with different activities and toys appropriate for each age group. Every activity introduces common core standards, which are used throughout New York state schools, through active play.

Yomaira Martin, owner of Brilliant Minds Daycare and Learning Center, along with her husband, Anthony, came up with the idea to open the day care since Anthony has been with the NYC Department of Education for more than 20 years, and was previously a math teacher and a school principal. He currently works for the NYC Borough Support Organization, which helps with professional development for New York educational staff. Brilliant Minds Daycare and Learning Center will be Yomaira’s first time in a classroom setting, so Anthony is helping her learn about the common core and pre-K standards.

Two other caregivers—who are background checked, fingerprinted, and certified in CPR and first aid—will be assisting Yomaira with daily activities at the day care, including science experiments, exercise, yoga, and baking.

Yomaira also plans to incorporate Spanish lessons into the curriculum since she is bilingual. “Four to five is a great age to introduce new languages,” she says, noting that children will retain such information better at a younger age. 

Yomaira says this is not an average day care program. “We just want to emphasize that it is an educationally based, structured setting—close to what it will be like inside of a classroom and preparing [students] for a classroom setting,” she says.

Brilliant Minds Daycare and Learning Center also offers after-school care for children ages 12 and younger.


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