Tips for Hiring a Nanny

Tips for Hiring a Nanny


Mommybites shares tips to successfully bring a nanny into the family.

Looking into child care options as you head back to work? Our friends at Mommybites share their tips to help parents who employ—or are considering hiring—nannies for a successful child care transition. 

Include the Whole Family in the Interview Process

"If possible, try to have your partner at home with you for the interview. It is always nice to have a second opinion. Also, try to schedule the interview at a time when the baby is awake. This is a good way to see how a nanny interacts with your child and how your child responds to the nanny. Open communication is key to having a successful relationship with your nanny. Be sure to be very specific with your job requirements. For example, do you want a nanny who cleans? Cooks? Can stay late? Can take vacations with you? Can also babysit in the evening? Make sure you have a detailed list of everything you are looking for in a nanny. Remember to also encourage the nanny to ask you any questions she may have."

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Create a Nanny Guidebook

“Provide your nanny with a written ‘guidebook’ containing summaries of your family’s schedule, routines, and preferences. Make sure she has appropriate contact information. Does she know what to do in an emergency? Does she have allergy information? Jot down where she can find favorite snacks or treasured loveys in the event of a potential meltdown. Give her a neighborhood map and a list of age-appropriate activities that she can take the children to during the day. Leave a list of playdate contacts. Any information that you can provide to help her adjust to life in your ‘town’ will go a long way towards making her feel more capable in her new job.” 

Be a ‘Tour Guide’ for Your New Nanny

“As a new employer, the most important thing that you can do to ensure an easy transition is to act as a family interpreter; you need to teach your new nanny the ‘language’ of your home. Try to reserve at least a few days to be her exclusive ‘tour guide.’ On her very first day, take her on a detailed tour of your home. Show her where everything is and familiarize her with her new surroundings. Describe in detail a typical day with your kids and be very specific about what role you expect her to play: Does she dress the children? Prepare meals? Who packs lunches? Is she responsible to take the children to and from school or do you do it? What about housework? Communicating these details clearly will ensure that she understands what you expect of her.”

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