Brooklyn Bridge Park Announces Plan to Build a Pool

Brooklyn Bridge Park Announces Plan to Build a Pool

The pool will be a permanent fixture at Squibb Park.

Brooklyn Bridge Park announced plans to build a permanent pool at Squibb Park, an area just above Pier 1 in Brooklyn Bridge Park that’s connected to the park through Squibb Park Bridge, according to a press release. The plans are in the early stages and are subject to necessary approvals, but the development, operation, and maintenance of the pool and related amenities will be a joint venture between NYC Parks and Brooklyn Bridge Park.

“As a world-class park, we are always striving to provide the best amenities and activities for park visitors. The temporary pop-up pool has been a much-loved summer attraction and now we are thrilled to announce plans to bring a permanent pool to Brooklyn Bridge Park,” said Eric Landau, Brooklyn Bridge Park President.

The construction of the pool is estimated to cost between $10-$15 million. The majority of the capital will be raised publicly and privately in partnership with the Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy, but one-third of the necessary funds for the project will be provided by Brooklyn Bridge Park. Midtown Equities and Alloy Development with Monadnock Construction and DLJ Real Estate Capital Partners are also supporting the project.

In tandem with fundraising efforts, the park will host community planning sessions this summer and fall. A specific project timeline will be announced at a later date.

“Summer just isn’t summer without the sounds of laughter and splashing,” said Council Member Stephen Levin. “With this move, Brooklyn Bridge Park is making sure children and families around the borough and beyond can continue enjoying a pool for decades to come. The community made their voices heard when they showed how much a pool means to them. Let’s take that momentum and forge ahead.”