Brooklyn Children's Museum Unveils Green Roof

Brooklyn Children's Museum Unveils Green Roof

The Brooklyn Children’s Museum unveiled its new green roof and canopy.

The 20,000-square-foot space has recently opened to the public and is providing museum goers with a unique outdoor experience.

amNY reports that the rooftop space has a garden, a space for games and arts and crafts, chairs and tables, and a sprawling 7,255-square-foot canopy designed by architect Toshiko Mori.

Lucy Ofiesh, the museum’s executive vice president, told amNY that the space is to be used not only be museum visitors but by community groups and artists, as well. “It’s like a little oasis,” Ofiesh said.

The garden that is located on the north-end of the roof was designed by Brooklyn-based design firm Future Green Studio. It brought in plants and flowers that are native to Brooklyn and also added a walking path and seating, which was inspired by Manhattan's High Line Park.

Mori's canopy is meant to house concerts, art shows, and movie screenings, and though visitors are covered, the sheer plastic allows for views of the sky. “Toshiko was inspired by a butterfly landing on the roof,” Ofiesh told reporters.

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The space is already serving its purpose by acting as a performance space for local artists. Papa Sy, the principal member of Mussukeba Sane West African Ballet, performed a Senegalese drum and dance workshop during the opening ceremony.

The roof will likely be closed during the colder months, but will still be on view through the art classrooms and cafe area. “It creates a fluidity on the second floor and makes for a more livable experience,” Ofiesh told reporters.

The Brooklyn Children's Museum is located at 145 Brooklyn Ave. For more information call 718-735-4400 or visit

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Main image: The Brooklyn Children’s Museum's new green roof and canopy opened in early August.
Courtesy Future Green Studio