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The Brooklyn Children’s Museum Has Opened a New Rooftop Playscape Just in Time for Summer

The Brooklyn Children’s Museum Has Opened a New Rooftop Playscape Just in Time for Summer

The new exhibit is perfect for kids ages 2-8 and is designed to be educational as well as fun.

Kids can embrace the rooftop fun just like adults this summer thanks to the Brooklyn Children’s Museum’s new NEST rooftop jungle gym. The design is meant for kids ages 2-8 and is inspired by baya weaver bird’s nests to bring a little bit of flair to the city this summer. NEST pays homage to the city’s past, as well, as it is made from reclaimed NYC water towers. The interior of the structure is permeable, offers a circle hammock area, and lets plenty of light in. The outside is perfect for adventurous kids who want to climb the day away.

NEST was designed by design and fabrication practice Tri-Lox.

“In exploring the museum’s educational collection, we came upon a series of incredible bird nests and let them inspire our design,” said Alexander Bender, co-founder and managing partner of Tri-Lox. "This concept was then transformed into a climbable playscape that retains the natural materiality of the nest and tells a story of an iconic design within our vertical urban habitat."

There are many things to do this summer at the Brooklyn Children’s Museum, including SPARK early childhood education classes, block labs, teen programs, and summer camps. Families can also create special projects together at the Colorlab family art studio, or play in the sensory room all day for a whole different experience. Head up to NEST to end your day on the roof.

“We were especially proud to work on this project with Tri-Lox," said Stephanie Wilchfort, president and CEO at the Brooklyn Children's Museum. "This sculpture has deep roots in our Brooklyn identity and community, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to be sharing it with our Brooklyn kids."

Jacqueline Neber

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