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Brooklyn Councilman Announces Kosher and Halal Lunch Programs

Brooklyn Councilman Announces Kosher and Halal Lunch Programs

Though about 1.1 million New York City school students have access to free lunches in public schools, the menu hasn't always been quite as inclusive. But now, a Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn councilman announced a plan that would provide new Kosher and Halal meal options for students who eat according to Muslim and Jewish dietary restrictions.  38 percent of New York City public school students are Jewish or Muslim, according to Forward,.

The pilot program, announced outside of City Hall on Sept. 4, is the first kind in the city. It will start at a small number of public and private schools, according to a spokeswoman for the councilman. Details of the program are still being finalized, but the councilman's office says he hopes to be servin kosher and halal meals at two public schools and two private schools by the end of the year.

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"Universal free lunch in New York City schools is not truly universal until every child in every school, regardless of religious dietary restrictions, is provided with a healthy, filling meal," councilman Deustch said in a press release.

There are still several hurdles to clear before the program launches though. City officials have yet to determine what agency will oversee the program, and there is concern over the budget allocation.