Check Out Brooklyn's Inventgenuity Festival 2018

Check Out Brooklyn's Inventgenuity Festival 2018

Get crafty with free workshops!

If you have a crafty or tech-minded kid you will definitely want to check out this FREE festival happening in Brooklyn in a few days. The Inventgenuity Festival is celebrating its ninth year of providing New York City kids with a number of great workshops and activities during this two-day event.

This year's festival theme is the NOSE/KNOWS and according to the website, "This year's Festival Project, the OL’ FACTORY CONSPIRACY (designed by artist Tim Fite and Beam Center staff) is an assembly line with a twist. Kids will fabricate noses of their own design and add them to one of the biggest schnozzes they’ve ever seen. Rumors are spreading that agents of Smelluminati are recruiting new members right on the Ol' Factory floor. Who will get picked? No one nose for sure!!!!" Sounds like fun!!!

All of the 45-minute workshops fit into the "nose" theme and kids can choose from the following: Running Noses, Glowing Allergens, Classic Nose Glasses, The Operation: Booger Game, Personalized Hankies, Stinky Ink Prints, and more.

The festival is put on by the Beam Center which provides New York City students the opportunity to get hand-ons on learning experience in areas such as welding, physical computing, carpentry, ceramics, textiles, video, programming, and design.

While the event is free, donations are encouraged and will be put toward raising $10,000 of the $30,000 needed to support scholarships for Beam Center's Summer Day Camp. So far the Beam Center has provided 136 full scholarships to its summer and after school programs.

Please note that the festival is for children ages 7 and older and every one must register online prior to attending.

The Inventgenuity Festival is happening Saturday March 24- Sunday March 25 from 11am-4pm at Brooklyn New School 610 Henry St. For more information visit

Main photo via the Beam Center


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