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CAMP Toy Store Opens Near Union Square

CAMP Toy Store Opens Near Union Square

The CAMP store, a summer camp-themed, novelty toy store recently opened on Fifth Avenue. It’s more than just a toy store though. The family-friendly NYC store also boasts a number of kid-friendly games, interactive experiences, and classes.

When guests first open the door, they enter a general store type shopping area. Shelves are left open to encourage children reaching in and trying out the toys. Boxes of kinetic sand sit on low-to-the-ground tables, the perfect height for little hands to reach out and sculpt a masterpiece. The store is traditional and nostalgic, but there’s more than meets the eye.

A magical experience waits behind a hidden door. Move the right shelf and you’ll be transported to a summer camp, complete with scenes reminiscent of all your favorite memories. The initial pathway features towering trees, shining stars, and magical mist. Once you step through the cloud of mist, you’ll see a hatchback ready for a road trip with a screen depicting the wide-open road passing by. (It’s the only screen though, as the experience focuses on getting away to the natural world!)

From there you can hit the bunk beds and slide into a dance party room, complete with sequined walls, funky music, and colorful lights. After your dance party, cruise over to the docks where you can play a floor piano disguised as a boardwalk.

Once your little ones are tuckered out from jumping, dancing, and sliding through the store they can relax with some arts and crafts, with supplies already laid out for them to play with. After some crafting, why not hit the mess hall for some tasty edible bubbles in flavors like Unicorn Tears and Dragon’s Fire? While you’re deciding which bubble to snack on, join in a sing-along with other campers and create your own tune in the radio room. There’s no shortage of activities at CAMP!

CAMP is located at 110 Fifth Ave., Union Square. The front store is open daily from 8am-9pm and the experience is open from 10am-9pm. For a full list of upcoming classes and activities, check out the online schedule.

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