Check Out the Rosé Mansion in Midtown for an Instagram-Worthy Moms' Night Out

Check Out the Rosé Mansion in Midtown for an Instagram-Worthy Moms' Night Out

Each room of the mansion gives you a wine tasting, a wine lesson, and a wine-filled photo opp.

Even with pop-ups popping up all over the city, it can be difficult to find spaces where moms can go to be as carefree as their kids–while having some wine to really relax. However, the new Rosé Mansion exhibit in the midtown mall provides the perfect getaway. From the moment you taste your first sample of wine to the moment you exit through a canopy of sparkly streamers, the exhibit transports you to a carefree, wine-filled world.

To make you feel like you’re headed somewhere exotic, you will begin your tour of the mansion on a rosé-themed flight–with your own Rosé Mansion glass you get to keep throughout the tour. The exhibit educates visitors on how rosé is made in its first section, right after the flight touches down, with sparkly science props, a first tasting, and an interactive scent-themed space. Groups will learn all about how different factors influence how their wine tastes throughout the tour.

In the next room, you will experience what it’s like to sip wine in Cleopatra’s time, accompanied by a history of wine in ancient Greece and a tasting of a beautiful sparkling red wine that the Mansion says is many guests’ favorite. The rest of the rooms in the exhibit are even more Instagram-worthy. There’s an optical illusion space that is fun to pose in, and a green, flowery room with bathtubs for photo opportunities, a bubble pit not unlike what your kids love jumping into, and a birthday-themed room with a giant cake you can jump out of with friends. (The cake feature is particularly Instagrammable, especially if your friend group loves taking Boomerangs.)

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You will taste eight wines from all different regions, and there’s a wine for everyone’s flavor profile. As an added bonus, the mansion is a great spot for sipping and people watching. There are all different types of people coming to sip, such as Instagram influencers, college kids, and fellow moms out having fun. The Mansion’s accessible midtown location and quirky, carefree atmosphere make it a great place to go to escape a hectic life. You’ll get to be carefree, expand your wine tastes, and do something that might not happen very often for moms–relax with your friends!

Main Image: Credit to @christinatzikas, via the Rosé Mansion official Instagram.

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