Child Psychologist Offers Executive Coaching Sessions

Child Psychologist Offers Executive Coaching Sessions


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Jennifer Hope, Ph.D., a child psychologist based in Brooklyn, now offers executive coaching services, which can help children and teens learn time management skills and how to manage work flow.

Jennifer Hope, Ph.D.
, who specializes in applied developmental psychology, has her own private practice in Brooklyn Heights, where she offers psychoeducational assessments and therapy for adults and children. In April, Dr. Hope added executive coaching sessions, which can benefit anyone of any age, particularly teenagers.

The executive coaching sessions are designed to help people with attention or executive deficits. Dr. Hope teaches her clients how to manage their workloads, ways to maximize their work efficiently, and how to utilize time management. For example, if a teenager in middle school or high school is struggling to juggle his workload, Dr. Hope will help him create a system or strategy to approach and tackle the tasks at hand.

“I evaluate a lot of kids who could use this service,” Dr. Hope says. “It’s not something that’s normally taught in schools in a structured way, so I see so many kids that could benefit from this.”

Other assessment options for kids ages 4 and older include screening for learning disabilities and ADHD, social and emotional psychoeducational evaluation, and psychological evaluation to analyze personality, emotional, and intelligence functions.

Dr. Hope is a licensed psychologist and certified school psychologist in New York state. Her practice has been open for 7 years. She is also an adjunct associate professor of school psychology at Teachers College, Columbia University, where she received her Ph.D.

Main photo: The Brooklyn Heights office of Jennifer Hope, Ph.D.



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