Children's Museum of Manhattan Announces New Building Wonderlands Exhibit

Children's Museum of Manhattan Announces New Building Wonderlands Exhibit

The Children's Museum of Manhattan has announced its new Building Wonderlands exhibit, in which more than 5,000 Tegu Magnetic Wooden Blocks will enable children to construct colorful pretend worlds however their imaginations see fit.

The exhibit will be located on the Lower Level of CMoM and kids and their families will be able to, quite literally, build whatever they want. Because Tegu Blocks are magenetic, kids can not only build up, but out, around, and down as well. Children will also be introduced to basic engineering principles, all while exploring the limits of their imagination.

A press release about the exhibit states, “With a little imagination, the possibilities are endless for visitors to Building Wonderlands. Children can craft spaceships, snowflakes, or castles, or even build a wondrous New York City of the future complete with towers, skyscrapers, and bridges all while exploring elementary principles of construction and physics.”

The Executive Director of the Children’s Museum of Manhattan, Andy Ackerman, says, “Building with blocks builds brains. This holiday season, build family memories too. But don’t tell the kids that block play helps develop spatial awareness, math skills, and wonderful opportunities for social play like taking turns, negotiating, and working together. These skills are key not just to school readiness, but to success in the broader world as well.”

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The Building Wonderlands exhibit will open Saturday, Dec. 10 and run through Jan. 8, 2017. The Children’s Museum of Manhattan is located at 212 West 83rd St., on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. In addition to the Building Wonderlands exhibit, a visit to CMoM includes discoveries in biology, technology, and Adventures with Dora and Diego.

Main image: Children playing with Tegu Blocks. 
Courtesy Tegu Blocks


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