Brooklyn Charter School Launches Spanish Program

Citizens of the World Charter School Williamsburg, which serves Brooklyn school district 14, recently began offering Spanish lessons as part of its partnership with Global Language Project.

students at citizens of the world charter school williamsburg

Students at Citizens of the World Williamsburg Charter School learn the Spanish words for shapes.

As a part of its partnership with Global Language Project, Citizens of the World Charter School Williamsburg introduced a Spanish language program into its curriculum and after-school activities this academic year. The school aims to serve its diverse range of kindergarten through second-grade students by assisting in each student’s development into a responsible citizen of the world by providing an intellectually challenging and experiential learning environment.

The school’s Spanish program is offered four times a week to each grade level. Students learn to read, write, and converse in Spanish by singing songs, listening to authentic speaking, engaging in interactive lessons, and practicing new skills with classmates.

“I think what sets [Citizens of the World] apart is the progressive model that focuses on experiential learning,” says Meredith Cronk, principal of Citizens of the World Williamsburg. “Having a strong partnership with Global Language Project has really helped us with curriculum development and enhanced the program greatly.”

The charter school’s students also have the opportunity to practice their Spanish language skills by attending the Monday after-school program, available until 6pm. The after-school program continues what is taught within classroom with an additional Latin dance class available. The program is only available to Citizens of the World Williamsburg students and limited to 75 children per after-school class.

The school is open to children in school district 14, including Williamsburg, Greenpoint, and Bushwick.