Introduces New Science Birthday Parties Introduces New Science Birthday Parties will offer STEM-themed birthday parties starting January 2019. The science parties will consist of two scientists, Scientist X and Scientist Y (named after the chromosomes) each clad in lab coats, performing demonstrations and leading hands-on experiments with the kids. Experiments can be anything from making slime to learning about magnetic fields, each activity tailored to your child's age group.

Activities can last anywhere from 20-40 minutes. Throughout the party you can expect lots of laughs, since comedy is going to be a key aspect of the performance. Though the party is suitable for all ages, children ages 8-10 may find this party particularly enriching.

"We want to combine entertainment with some real world learning experiences for the kids," says George Blackstone, owner of "Hopefully we'll not only be able to do birthday parties, but also go into some schools as well."

Science parties will be available in January of 2019 and are tentatively priced at $275 an hour with more concrete prices becoming available closer to the debut of the party package. Prices may also vary depending on your family's needs.

To schedule a science party or any bounce houses, characters, concession options, or party packages that offers, you can visit or call 516-777-0000 to speak with a sales representative. has a physical location at 200 Meacham Ave. in Elmont.