Code Ninjas Opened in Syosset This July

Code Ninjas Opened in Syosset This July

Coding is the set of instructions that tell a computer what to do.

Code Ninjas, a computer coding and video game center part of a national franchise, has opened in Syosset on July 1. The center provides a place for children ages 7 to 14 to learn about computer technology. As part of the curriculum, children learn how to use Java Script to build their own video games. They also have opportunities to learn about robotics and drone technology.

Advancement through the center's curriculum follows the martial arts belting system to level students up. Everyone starts off with a white belt – taking the form of a wristband at Code Ninjas – as they work their way up to holding a black belt and becoming a Code Ninja, which takes about four years.

“It's a little wristband you have on your arm, and when you come to the center you scan yourself in,” says owner Amy Chang. “It is self-paced, not self-learned. Our coaches are there Monday through Friday, 3-7pm. and Saturday, 1-3pm. We're there to help out with any questions and just mentor and train our ninjas.”

Registration at the center is not required. Parents can drop-in at their convenience during normal student hours. Children can attend up to twice a week.

“Kids are born scientists. They don't need to be taught to explore things and figure things out because that's what they do,” she says. “We're trying to encourage this, the creativity. We want to encourage this scientific way of thinking.”

Code Ninjas was founded by David Graham, a programmer and entrepreneur based in Texas, who saw coding not only as a career choice but a valuable skill. There are 240 locations across the country.

More information about the curriculum, pricing and other information is available on the website.

Image: There are many benefits to children learning technology at a young age, according to owner Amy Chang.

Courtesy Code Ninjas