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Upper East Side Swim Program to Expand Classes

Upper East Side Swim Program to Expand Classes

Convent of the Sacred Heart aquatics program is offering more community classes and events this spring season.

Convent of the Sacred Heart Cardinal Swim School will offer weekday swim classes in addition to its weekend classes. This program consists of private, semi-private, and regular classes for all ages, and students may begin as young as two years old.

Convent of the Sacred Heart employs a variety of teachers to meet student needs, Warren Perry, aquatics director at Convent of the Sacred Heart, says. Some of them are parents and work well with ages 2-5. Other professionals, such as 2008 Olympian Kim Vandenberg, teach lessons and clinics for more advanced swimmers.

“We have a great staff of instructors—bottom line,” Perry says.

Convent of the Sacred Heart also encourages the community to participate in its Cardinal Swim Club and its Cardinal Triathlon club. The Cardinal Swim Club is designed as an empowering program for girls grades 5-12 who have a good foundation in swim and want to improve their skills and technique. The Cardinal Triathlon club is geared for adults and aims to deliver personalized instruction to help participants improve their strength, conditioning and better perform triathlon activities. 

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Later during the spring season, Convent of the Sacred Heart will host a series of “Flick and Floats.” At these events, families can watch movies from the pool that Sacred Heart will play on their overhead scoreboard. Convent of the Sacred Heart will post dates for these events online

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