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Cupcake Parties for Kids at Your Own Home

Cupcake Parties for Kids at Your Own Home

Amy Rosen’s Cooking by Design is a personal cooking school for kids and adults based in Larchmont.

Rosen is now offering “cupcake wars” themed birthday parties for kids. Ideal for groups of 10-15 kids, a typical party will start with Rosen demonstrating techniques and leading the group through the recipe. Next the group will divide into teams and compete in different categories, such as creative expression, design, and taste. “It’s all about having fun,” says Rosen, but “fun in a different way.”

As a third-generation cook, Rosen learned to cook from her grandmother, mother, and aunts. Now, she loves to teach and share her knowledge with other people. “It’s from my home to yours,” Rosen says. Not only are cupcake parties fun, but kids also learn valuable skills, with lessons in how to crack an egg, or how to zest an orange. “If you like to eat, then it’s really good to know how to cook!” Rosen adds.

Cooking parties run approximately 2 hours, and can by customized for kids ages 5 and older. Cooking By Design also offers a Chopped Style Cooking Party, Pizza Creations and a Chocolatemelting/molding and decorating party.

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Rosen travels throughout the Westchester region for cooking parties, and she brings her whole traveling kitchen, supplying all the necessary equipment and ingredients from the cake pans, muffin tins, electric mixers, and all the ingredients. All a host needs is a countertop and an oven!

For more information visit, or call 917-903-1451.

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