Cradle of Aviation Museum Will Host Special Events for 50th Anniversary of Moon Landing

Cradle of Aviation Museum Will Host Special Events for 50th Anniversary of Moon Landing

The events will culminate on July 20, the day men landed on the moon in 1969.

Throughout 2019, the Cradle of Aviation Museum in Uniondale has been hosting special events to mark the 50th anniversary of men landing on the moon, use the moon anniversary as a lesson for STEM education, and inspire young scientists to dream big. All of this celebration will culminate on July 20 when, at the exact moment Neil Armstrong made his “giant leap for mankind,” a replica lunar model will descend from the ceiling of the museum. A few weeks ago, the museum’s grand gala honored seven former astronauts and flight directors, along with the Grumman employees that built the lunar module and equipment that carried people to the moon in the first place.

“Space: A Journey to Our Future” is an exhibit that will be on display at the museum till August 8. Visitors will be immersed in the history of space travel, from man’s first inklings of space travel, to the moon landings that changed history, to the frontiers in space that lie waiting to be discovered. The exhibit gives people the chance to touch real rocks from the moon and Mars, explore a futuristic Lunar Base Camp, and experience the past, present, and future of space travel through interactive displays. Visitors can try their hand at landing a space shuttle!

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On July 20, “Apollo at 50: Moon Fest” will feature activities for the whole family, such as visits from Long Island Space Shuttle Astronauts including Bill Shepherd (Babylon) and Charlie Carmada (Ozone Park). Kids can also experience virtual reality exhibits, model rocket launches, and a countdown in the afternoon to collectively watch and honor the iconic “The Eagle has Landed” Lunar Module landing on the moon. In the evening the museum will host a Countdown Celebration with dinner, champagne and dancing, where guests can re-watch the mankind’s first steps on the moon at 10:56 pm.

Main Image: The museum's exhibits go beyond the history of flight to educate visitors about aviation and space exploration. 
Photo by Russ Loret

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