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This is How to Create a Festive Video Holiday Greeting

This is How to Create a Festive Video Holiday Greeting

6 easy tips to create a video holiday card to send holiday greetings and cheer to your friends and family

There are many ways to wish someone a happy holiday season by using modern technology. These days, you don't even have to be particularly tech savvy to send someone you love a heartfelt, meaningful and well-produced video greeting card or message. After all, if we can master video chat devices to keep in touch with loved ones during the pandemic, we can certainly create a video holiday greeting, right?

Of course, we won’t all have videos like The Holderness Family, but we can use it as inspo…

Here are six easy tips to create a festive video greeting to celebrate Christmas and Hanukkah and send holiday cheer during this unique season.

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Decide how you want to send your message.

Ramon Ray, a father of two adult children, small business expert, and author of Celebrity CEO, says video greetings can be produced in different ways. “You can go live and have family, as a group, speaking in real time with each other,” Ray says. “Another thing is to create a short video movie and share that with friends and family. A third type of video is one of family members expressing their thanks or short message to one another.”

Some tools Ray recommends to produce your video include:

Choose what equipment you’re going to use.

Now that you've narrowed down what type of message to make, consider what kind of equipment to use. You don't need anything too fancy. You can use your smartphone, computer webcam, or invest in a specific camera if you plan on making more videos and want higher resolution and better picture quality.

A good microphone is important too. If you use your phone, make sure you stand close enough to be heard. Don't forget to minimize background noise.

Make sure you have good lighting.

No matter what recording technology you use, make sure your lighting is good. “Lighting is important,” Ray says. “Natural light behind the camera and facing the ‘subject’ is good. Also, invest in low-cost, simple lighting to ensure you're well lit.”

Create a script.

Next, think about what you want to say before you start recording. Jane Hanson, an Emmy Award-winning television journalist and coach, recommends creating a very short script, making sure everyone gets a role in the message, even if it's just to say “Happy Holidays” at the end.

“Think of telling a story about how your family is doing, or a clever poem or perhaps you could sing a song. Have fun with it,” Hanson says. “After what we’ve all been through, something that brings smiles to the faces of those who receive your message is a blessing.”

Choose a location and your family’s outfits.

Once you've got all your equipment and everyone knows their roles on camera, set the scene in a location that shows off the essence of your family and the holiday season.

“Set up your background to show off your yard, fireplace, or Christmas tree, menorah, or a wreath,” Hanson says. “Something that looks festive and pretty. Check it out on camera ahead of time — positioning your family so they are all showing their best look — dress in whatever way you think matches your message, but let it be fun and friendly.”

Or consider creating a montage video.

Don't have a lot of time or are self-conscious about your production skills? Consider making a montage video, which is a series of separate images that are edited together typically set to music or a narration. They can also be done on any budget.

“Montage videos are easy to make, relatable, and very personal because they showcase people’s feelings, emotions, and personality,” says Robert Weiss, president of MultiVision Digital. “Montage videos are highly engaging because they are authentic and transparent.”

At the very least, you can elf your family with the long-popular ElfYourself.

No matter which video holiday card style you decide to go with, add some smiles, giggles, and holiday cheer from the kids, and you've got a video greeting that will warm your family and friend’s hearts.

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