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Where to Find Nannies and Babysitters in New York City

Where to Find Nannies and Babysitters in New York City

Mommybites shares child care ideas that are unique to NYC

Imagine this: Your regular babysitter cancelled 2 hours before she was supposed to be at your place. Or perhaps your boss just scheduled a last-minute work dinner you must attend. Maybe your friends surprised you with tickets to the must-see concert or Broadway show. Whatever the case, finding last-minute child care that is affordable means embracing our beloved city. There are certain characteristics of New York City life that work in parents' favor when it comes to creative child care solutions. Embrace those characteristics, and you’re sure to find someone you trust to care for your children for an evening.

Love Your Neighborhood

Take advantage of the high-population density. Look for a sitter in your local neighborhood so her punctuality isn’t at the mercy of traffic or transit delays. The jackpot? Finding child care help in your own apartment building. 

Neighbors are also an invaluable child care resource when you need to run out to the doctor or grocery store and would rather not drag your kids along in the wintery mix.

Treat Your Quiet Apartment Like a Hot Commodity

Once the kids are in bed, your apartment is a priceless destination for those lacking personal space. Your quiet living room provides a refuge for single friends escaping roommate drama or married couples craving breathing room. 

By recruiting a friend to watch Netflix at your place, you can have a night out without draining your bank account.

Invest in Future Babysitters

Hire a pre-teen as a mother’s helper during school breaks or after school, which is likely when you need the most help. With NYC transit options aplenty, she won’t need a parent to drop her off. She will love the early babysitting experience, your kids will love the helper’s youth and energy, and your wallet will thank you for finding a less expensive option. In a few years, you will have effectively trained a full-fledged babysitter who can handle a multi-kid bedtime routine or adventure to Central Park.

Start a Nanny Share

Instead of hiring a full-time nanny, share one nanny’s time with another family. Think strategically about her hours. For instance, avoid unnecessarily paying a nanny while your child is at school. Nannies can work mornings for one family and afternoons for another or switch off days to fit with a parent’s work schedule.

A quality nanny can also watch children from two families simultaneously. View available nanny shares in NYC at

Put Your Friendships into Action

Take turns with friends picking up or watching each other’s kids after school, so you have time to run errands or work out. When swapping child care hours with friends, money doesn’t change hands.

Search Your Social Connections

If you’re looking for a babysitter, spread the word to your social circle. If someone isn’t available, their friends may be. Ask:

  • Your child’s teacher
  • Your regular sitter’s roommates
  • Volunteers at your church or synagogue
  • Child care workers at your gym
  • Alumni from your college
  • College babysitting groups
  • Local chapter of your sorority
  • Co-workers
  • Unemployed friends
  • Babysitters you meet at school pick-up
  • Neighborhood mom groups

Celebrate Your Solutions

As your child care needs and sitter’s availability shift through the seasons, you now have several creative ways to figure out the right solution for your family. Date night beckons, and your new favorite babysitter may be just a couple conversations or a few blocks away!


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