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How to Make a Dinner Table Conversation Jar

How to Make a Dinner Table Conversation Jar

How to make a dinner table conversation jar, which will get kids to reveal more about their day.

Ever feel like you only get one-word answers to any questions you ask your kids at the dinner table? You're not alone. So why not help your child make a dinner table conversation jar—it's also a perfect craft for kids to do on their own—filled with conversation prompts to get them talking?

Sometimes sitting at the dinner table can feel like sitting behind an interrogation table. Your grown-ups constantly asking, “How was your day?” only to be met with the ever-popular response, “Fine.” This Dynamite Dinner Table Conversation Jar game will blast your conversation skills to the next world, making you the talk of the table. Not only will you get to tell everyone the coolest tricks you did for the day, but you’ll start connecting with your family in a whole new way!

What You Need to Make a Conversation Jar

  • Recycled glass jar
  • Permanent markers
  • Popsicle sticks

How to Make a Conversation Jar

  1. Color a creative pattern on the outside of a clean glass jar using permanent markers. You can be as creative as you want: make a rainbow, make stripes, make a funny face, add a super-powered symbol…really, the sky is the limit.
  2. Once you have covered your entire jar, set it to dry while you prepare your conversation starters.
  3. On each of your Popsicle sticks, write simple word clues or questions to help you the next time you are stuck and don’t know what to talk about (ideas listed below). When you have enough choices, add your Popsicle sticks to your jar and place it in the middle of your dinner table.

How to Use a Conversation Jar

At your next family meal, when your adults ask, “What did you do today?” instead of saying, “Nothing,” you can pull a prompt from the jar and get the conversation rolling. Never again feel like you are at a loss for words or worried about what to talk about when you have company over.

Sample Conversation Starters

Let’s learn about your day. Today, what is your favorite… subject in school? game you played at recess? book you read? thing you did with a friend? part of the day? WHY? 

Let’s learn more about everyone. What is your favorite... food? movie? song? color? game? WHY?

Let’s learn about your dreams. What would you do if... you had a million dollars? you had to move to a new state? your friend switched schools? you lost your two front teeth? WHY?

Let’s learn about your struggles. Today, what is your… biggest worry? worst memory? scariest moment? WHY?

Converstaion Jar Challenge

Make your own conversation starters. Use cardstock paper and pens to write out some funny questions or jokes to get the conversation going with your family.

Train Your Adult to Use the Conversation Jar

Have you ever felt like the cat’s got your tongue? Adults use that phrase when kids suddenly go quiet. Your grown-up wants nothing more than to understand you, and some days that seems impossible when all of their questions are met with roadblocks. I know you have a lot to say, but you just aren’t sure how to access all the awesome things you want to tell your adults. Instead of leaving adults baffled at your silence, give them this super-secret tool to get you talking and sharing all the cool things you have to say, and give them a sneak peek into your world.

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Cover and book design by Page Street Publishing Co. Photography by Dayna Abraham. Excerpted from The Superkids Activity Guide to Conquering Every Day by Dayna Abraham with permission of the publisher.


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Dayna Abraham is a mom, teacher, and writer—but before all that she was a misunderstood superkid herself. Abraham is the author of The Superkids Activity Guide to Conquering Every Day, founder of Lemon Lime Adventures, and co-author of other DIY books for kids.

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