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Diplomat Health & Swim Club Expands Offerings for Kids

Diplomat Health & Swim Club Expands Offerings for Kids

At Diplomat Health & Swim Club in Piermont, children can enjoy fitness sessions, swim lessons, and an upcoming yoga workshop.

Diplomat Health & Swim Club, located in Piermont, is expanding its fitness and wellness offerings to youth while still retaining the low-key club atmosphere that it’s known for. Club membership is not required for participation in youth programs.

“We recognize the tremendous need for health and fitness among youth and are adding programs for younger children to meet this growing challenge,” says owner Bruce Woolley. “We want to be part of creating the habit of exercise and making fitness a way of life for youth. Not every child is interested in sports, but all can benefit by being more active."

A children’s yoga workshop with Abigail Hammond, a registered children’s yoga teacher, is scheduled for Sunday, Dec. 3, from 12:30-1:30pm. During the workshop, children ages 5-12 will participate in aspects of a typical yoga class, including breathing techniques and yoga poses, as well as games. The workshop will close with a calming meditation.

The workshop’s $5 registration fee will be donated to Hearts and Crafts Grief Counseling Center and information will be available about upcoming Sunday yoga sessions with Hammond for children ages 5-12. 

“Start your children's week off the right way with yoga with Abigail to let your kids unwind from the weekend,” Woolley says. “Yoga is proven to increase flexibility while also increasing the child’s ability focus and self-regulate, giving your child the tools to handle challenges and stress.”  

Private yoga classes, swim lessons, and fitness sessions can also be individually scheduled for children.

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Main image: Yoga teacher Abigail Hammond will be teaching upcoming children’s yoga classes at Diplomat Health & Swim Club in Piermont.
Courtesy Diplomat Health & Swim Club

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