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Dog-Friendly Café to Open in East Village

Dog-Friendly Café to Open in East Village

Soon NYC dog owners can bring their pups inside on a coffee run.

If all goes according to plan, you’ll no longer have to tie Fido’s leash to the nearest bench when you and the kids decide to grab a bite to eat on your afternoon walk or be limited to outdoor seating. Coppy and Logan Holzman, a father-daughter dog-loving duo, will open a dog-friendly café this winter in the East Village, according to DNAinfo.

Boris and Horton, named for Coppy and Logan’s respective doggos, will be divided into two sections by a glass wall, per Department of Health rules. The café side will serve up beverages, pastries, and sandwiches, while the dog side will provide a lounge space along with a photo booth where you just might capture a cute expression like a blep or mlem.

"It's like basically going to someone's nice living room with your dog, and it's adjacent to a place where you can get all your food and coffee," Coppy told DNAinfo.

Patrons are free to move between the two spaces—the café will occupy the space recently vacated by Ost Café and the puppers will take over the former Raclette cheese shop—as long as the dogs stay on the lounge side. New Yorkers who are dog-lovers but don’t have a pooch of their own are welcome throughout. "What we found is, a lot of people like dogs and because of their circumstances can't have one—so this is a dog-friendly place," Coppy told DNAinfo.

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And if you’ve finally moved to a pet-friendly apartment and are looking to adopt a fluffer, the café will host adoption events on weekends in partnership with Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue, a nonprofit, all-breed dog rescue. 

Boris and Horton is scheduled to open in December, if all goes according to plan, the Holzmans told DNAinfo.


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