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12 Easy and Fun at Home Easter Crafts for Kids

12 Easy and Fun at Home Easter Crafts for Kids

This Easter Sunday will be different than any our kids remember, but there are still ways to make the day filled with springtime fun and activities.

With Easter on the horizon, here’s a chance to give your kids a little sense of holiday normalcy despite all of the changes they are facing everyday as a result of COVID-19. This Sunday, as part of the Children’s Museum of Manhattan’s CMOM at Home programming, Surprise Sunday invites families to decorate eggs by collage using different colored materials you can find around the house. For other fun Easter activities, you can plan a small egg hunt around the house, fill some baskets with treats, then brush off your dining room table for some good, old-fashioned crafting as a family.

How to Make Collaged Easter Eggs


  • Hard-boiled eggs (brown or white)
  • Newspapers or circulars
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Small bowl
  • Crayons and/or markers
  • Scrap paper (optional)
  • Paintbrush (optional)


  1. Hard boil eggs that you will decorate.
  2. Look through old newspapers or shopping circulars you get in the mail or from the neighborhood supermarket.
  3. Use scissors to cut out all your favorite images of fruits, veggies, and toys that you can find.
  4. Place a little bit of glue in a small bowl and mix in a tiny bit of water. Mix it well.
  5. Using a paintbrush or your fingers, brush the glue onto your hard-boiled egg and then choose an image from your collection. Place your image on the egg and brush glue on top until it lays flat.
  6. Do this with different colored images. You can do a lot of different layers. Let it dry and enjoy your collaged Easter egg design!
  7. Using the same process cut up scraps of white paper and collage them onto your egg.
  8. When it’s fully dry, color it in with your favorite markers and crayons!
  9. Decorate a few eggs and hide them around your house or apartment to have your own Easter egg hunt!

Tip: For little artists with sensory sensitivity, try wearing gloves while collaging your egg.

More Easter Crafts to do at Home

Children of all ages can show off their crafty sides with an open-ended pom pom Easter egg painting.

A simple and sweet origami project for kids, this Easter bunny bookmark will get tons of use during homeschooling days!

Families can assemble adorable lambs out of Q-tips and clothespins.

The younger set can get creative making keepsakes like these bunny rabbit handprints.

Kids and parents alike will love getting physical and messy with this paint-filled egg toss that results in a really cool painting.

These salt dough eggs look good enough to eat, but they’re much better for busying little hands with decorating!

If you have some extra shaving cream, then let your kids have at it with this ultra-colorful egg craft.

Preschoolers can practice their fine motor skills with this mini marshmallow bunny craft. Just prepare for a few ‘mallows to be eaten!

Shape some lovable lumps out of clay, then add a few key features to render them bunnies! If you’re low on supplies, simply paint some rocks white, gray, brown, or any rabbit-y color.

If you’re a crafty family and have supplies like felt, thread, and pom poms in your at-home stash then try this super-cute mandarin bunny snack. Bonus points for kids eating tons of vitamin C!

Brighten up your living space with some rainbow paper garland. This DIY is a bit more advanced so be sure to read the instructions from start to finish before you dive in!

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