Dream Up Your Own Enchanted Wishes Party in Westchester


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Does your daughter want a fairy or princess themed birthday party? Enchanted Wishes, a fairy-tale themed boutique, is just the place to host it. Filled with handmade dolls, tutus, and fairy wands, this is the "biggest dollhouse ever".


Enchanted Wishes Boutique; courtesy Enchanted WishesEnchanted Wishes in Port Chester is a fantasy-land of
frills, fairies, and fun and is a popular locale for birthday parties.

Three years ago, when the fairy-tale themed boutique Enchanted Wishes was located in Armonk, a customer approached owner Janine Logue and asked if it would be possible to host her daughter’s birthday party at the captivating store. Logue agreed and decided that this was where her business was headed.

Logue quickly started making plans to expand Enchanted Wishes and make it a place where people of all ages could experience the depths of their imaginations. The only problem was that her Armonk location was too small. The solution? She moved her business to a “marvelous location” in Port Chester where families and kids can host parties and purchase Logue’s unique dolls, tutus, party favors, and, more recently, themed chalkboards. The store itself is breathtaking: painted in bright pink and yellow with shelves covered with dreamlike party and decorating paraphernalia including fairy wands, butterflies, mermaids, and stars, Logue has called it her “biggest doll house ever,” and her passion for detail is evident. “Everyone has the same reaction when they come in,” she says. “They stand and look and oooh and aah.”

Logue, who began making her creations more than 15 years ago—before receiving copyrights for her handmade dolls—makes 90-percent of the store’s merchandise herself. Her favorite creation is currently a giant ballerina mouse named Mia, but she says that her favorite is always changing. Her brothers, whose talent and contributions through the years have helped Janine make her very own dreams come true, make the other 10 percent.

At Enchanted Wishes, customers are encouraged to come up with their own themes and ideas. “If they can dream it, I can create it,” Logue says.


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