EPIC Sports Launches on the Upper West Side

EPIC Sports Launches on the Upper West Side

A new basketball program for kids launches on the Upper West Side.

EPIC Sports, Inc. (http://www.epicsports.org/), a youth basketball program dedicated to developing the skills and interpersonal values of young athletes throughout New York City, announced that it has officially launched on the Upper West Side. 

Founded by philanthropist and basketball fan Rose Caiola, EPIC focuses on training and team building exercises, each designed to foster skills needed both on and off the court. Students in grades 1 through 12 can learn the fundamentals of the game—everything from basic dribbling and shooting skills to speed and endurance-based advanced training—while also developing team building skills and socializing with peers. The program offers group classes, as well as personal lessons and training. There is also a House League where teams can compete against one another.

To help its students thrive, EPIC recruited some of the city's most impressive coaching talent with Lance Williams, Terrell Stokes and Damian Johnson, all of whom bring a combined 40-plus-years of coaching experience to the table.

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“We’re really excited to officially open our doors to young athletes throughout New York City who are looking for a fun and challenging experience in a safe environment tailored to fostering a spirit of confidence, character, integrity and core values,” said Caiola. “EPIC’s mission is to build a diverse community of student athletes who are disciplined, selfless, and respectful, not only to the sport of basketball, but in everyday life.”

To sign up for a program or get more info, visit www.epicsports.org. 


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