Etiquette Schools in the NY Metro Area

Etiquette Schools in the NY Metro Area

A roundup of local manners and etiquette schools and programs in the New York metro area, including schools in Manhattan, Staten Island, Long Island, and Connecticut

Etiquette Schools in Manhattan

Beaumont Etiquette

5 Columbus Circle, #1701, Manhattan

Beaumont Etiquette offers training one-on-one or in small groups and customizes courses based on a survey parents or guardians fill out about their child when they enroll. Beaumont Etiquette also offers online courses for children. In addition to classes on social skills and American dining manners, among others, its roster covers international dining and travel etiquette.

Etiquette School of Manhattan

101 W. 23rd St., Suite 525, Manhattan

At the Etiquette School of Manhattan, founder and director Dianne Marsch mostly avoids classrooms and teaches her courses at restaurants, in private groups, or in schools. In addition to programs about dining, basic manners, and social skills, the school offers classes that include parents and grandparents as well as a Nanny Educational Etiquette Certification program (also taught in Spanish). Marsch also works with many low-income families and at-risk kids, teaching them the skills they need to transition into adulthood.


250 W. 85th St., Suite 1B, Manhattan

Socialsklz:-) offers many public workshops and caters to our digital age (hence the emoticon and slang in the title). It offers a wide range of courses, from basic workshops to technology courses to CAMPsocialsklz:-).


Etiquette Schools on Staten Island

Alice Austen House

2 Hylan Blvd., Staten Island

The Alice Austen House isn’t primarily focused on etiquette, but there is a reason its programs include this topic: Austen, a prolific photographer in the early years of the medium, lived for many years with Gertrude Tate, who taught etiquette and manners. Family courses are offered at the house or programs can be set up in schools and can focus on social etiquette, communication skills, or table manners.

Etiquette Schools on Long Island

Always Gracious: The Academy of Etiquette

Long Island’s Always Gracious has no set location, offering its programs—which include  social etiquette, table etiquette, and image and style classes—in a family’s home, or for groups of 10 or more participants, on-site at a school or office. Lessons are also offered for the Spanish-speaking community.


Etiquette Schools in Connecticut

Fleur de Lis Academy

327 Main Ave., Norwalk, CT

Fleur de Lis Academy runs several programs, one of which is First Impressions, covering manners and etiquette. It offers classes, private and semi-private lessons, workshops, leadership training, in-school sessions, and other programs. 

Main image: Beaumont Etiquette tailors lessons beased on a survey parents fill out about their child when they enroll in the program.
Courtesy Beaumont Etiquette


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