How Can My Family Remedy Allergy Symptoms Without Avoiding the Outdoors?

How Can My Family Remedy Allergy Symptoms Without Avoiding the Outdoors?

Seasonal allergies most often happen when molds release spores and when trees, grasses, and other plants release pollen into the air. The immune system of people with seasonal allergies reacts to these spores and pollens as foreign substances and defend against them, causing a reaction.

Many people suffer from Spring and grass allergies, but in New York City, these symptoms are often exacerbated. Air pollution irritates the nasal passages and lungs, making our natural immune defense against allergies less effective. There are about 5.2 million trees on public and private property in the city, so it’s likely you’ll come into contact with tree pollen while you’re out and about.

To avoid (or subside) the symptoms of these allergens, there are several simple habits you can incorporate into your routine:

  • Get in the habit of checking the daily pollen count. It might be best to avoid the park when the pollen count is high, but if it’s manageable, there is no need to avoid it.
  • Immediately shower and change your clothes after contact with grass; allergens travel on clothes and on your body.
  • Change your AC filter every three months, and clean the filter once a week with a wet cloth.
  • Allergies can be triggered by the sun – as the weather warms up and you spend more time in the sun, be cognizant of the products you use and any irritations that flare up after spending time in the sun.
  • Always carry anti-itch cream and an antihistamine with you, should any flares up occur.

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