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A 'Fantasy' Amusement Park on Staten Island

A 'Fantasy' Amusement Park on Staten Island

Sure, it’s miniscule by comparison to the major area attractions like Rye Playland, but for locals looking for some kiddie thrills, Staten Island’s Fantasy Shore Amusement Park at Midland Beach offers a fun time in its own small scale. On a visit to Staten Island for a family get-together, we decided to come a little early and check it out. 

Consisting of just four rides and several games, the park is best for the younger set, preschoolers and young elementary-school kids. My older kids, 8 and 4 years old, had a blast. 

For them, the scary-not-too-scary speed is perfect. To its credit, Fantasy Shore eschews the expected plain-old carousel for rides a notch more original: a small roller coaster, spinning teacups, and a free-fall (which doesn’t quite fall freely, thankfully).  The games are typical carnival impossible-to-win challenges, like a ring toss, as well as a basketball shoot. For all but the basketball game, they give a small stuffed animal to all participants.

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The price is relatively cheap, but quickly adds up: $1/ticket, with rides and games costing three or four tickets, generally. They offer a small discount for bulk purchases.

Perhaps best of all, there are no crowds and lines to contend with, making for a much calmer experience than at the big amusement parks. There are also no bathroom facilities in the immediate vicinity, but Midland Beach’s restrooms are a short walk away.

Also nearby are the boardwalk, fishing pier, beach, and a playground, so there’s plenty more to do when it’s time to take a break from the rides. Parking is free. 

The park also hosts birthday parties and group events.

Fantasy Shore Amusement Park is located on Father Capodanno Blvd, at the intersection with Seaview Avenue. The park is operated by Ride Entertainment, which also runs the new Seaglass Carousel in Battery Park City and the Fantasy Forest Amusement Park in Queens, among other area venues.

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