Field Station: Dinosaurs Presents Action-Packed Final Season in New Jersey

Field Station: Dinosaurs Presents Action-Packed Final Season in New Jersey

Field Station: Dinosaurs, the park that takes visitors 90 million years back in time, is packing up its fossils and herding its 32 animatronic dinosaur residents out of Secaucus, NJ, this September. The park wraps up its final season in Laurel Hill Park on Sept. 7 before moving on to its next home in 2016. The new location will be announced at a later date.

In addition to the popular features the park debuted at the beginning of the season—including a T-rex meet-and-greet and Paleontologists’ Laboratory where kids can dig for bones—it has a flurry of events and activities planned through the end of summer, before the dinos leave town.


Aug. 14: Quetzalcoatlus Homecoming


The park’s winged dino was damaged during Super Storm Sandy (pictured) and has been out for repair since. Stop by to welcome him home on Aug. 14, or pay a visit any day before the park closes to see his new, rainbow-colored wings, which were built and painted by local scenic artists. Free with admission.


Aug. 15: STEM Spectacular

Mad Science brings its fun science-themed shows to the park. Kids learn about physics, chemistry, and more—and how it affects their world—through hands-on experimenting and exploring. Kids will make slime and tornado tubes, and they’ll also learn how things move. Mad Science will be in the park from 11am-6pm. Shows are included with park admission.


Aug. 22: Dozin’ with Dinos

dinosaur campout

It’s the ultimate Cretaceous campout. Brave kids can explore the trails at night, by lantern light, and then roll out a sleeping bag under the stars to slumber among the dinos. Dozin’ with Dinos is an overnight adventure for ages 5 and older. Campers will also watch Walking with Dinosaurs: Prehistoric Planet 3D and end the night with s’mores and songs around the campfire before climbing into army-style tents. An evening snack and light breakfast are included.


Aug. 22: The Rocks Around Us

Renowned geologist “Doc Rock” (aka Dr. Louis Detofsky) will teach visitors about the geological history of the park, which is located on top of a gold mine of sorts. Kids are encouraged to bring their own rocks and fossils for identification. Doc Rock’s presentations are included with admission.


Aug. 29: Dispatches from a Dinosaur Dig

jason schein dino dig

New Jersey State Museum paleontologist Jason Schein will share discoveries from his recent paleo-dig in Montana. Former Field Station expedition manager Brooke Rowzee will give a first-hand account of her adventure during the dig. The event is included with admission.


Every Saturday: Meet the Super Stars of Science

Science activities are free with admission.


Field Station: Dinosaurs is open 10am-6pm Tuesday-Sunday through Sept. 7. To purchase tickets, go to